satRday Berlin Presentation

My satRday Berlin slides on “Modeling Short Time Series” are available here.

This saturday, June 15, Berlin had its first satRday conference. I eagerly followed the hashtags of satRday Amsterdam last year and satRday Capetown the year before that on Twitter. Thanks to Noa Tamir, Jakob Graff, Steve Cunningham, and many others, we got a conference in Berlin as well.

When I saw the call for papers, I jumped at the opportunity to present, trying what it feels like to be on the other side of the microphone; being in the hashtag instead of following it. Thanks again to the organizers for having me, it has been a fantastic experience. The conference format is accessible and a lot of fun.

You can find my slides from yesterday on “Modeling Short Time Series” as PDF here. The slides are based on this blog post which provides more context.

Photo taken by Steve Cunningham.

Photo taken by Steve Cunningham.