About Minimize Regret

Hi, my name is Tim. You’re reading Minimize Regret, the site where I write about things I’ve recently learned.

I live in Berlin, where I work as a data scientist. I’m interested in quantifying uncertainty, and optimal decision making under uncertainty. Fittingly, topics such as probabilistic programming, reinforcement learning and stochastic optimal control, as well as time series theory and applications are near and dear to my heart.

I recently finished my master’s in statistics and graduated with honors. My thesis on multi-armed bandits was supervised by Alexandra Carpentier and Marius Kloft.

Before joining Bayer as a data scientist in November 2018, I worked as data scientist for the online shop Amorelie (NSFW, I suppose). At Amorelie, I was responsible for the automated forecast and optimal replenishment of thousands of products, and introduced novel ways of attributing TV marketing cost.

Send me an email to [email protected] in case you have any question. Else, try Mastodon or Linkedin. Or even better, meet me at the next Berlin Machine Learning or Stan User Group meetup.