Berlin Bayesians Meetup on September 27

The Berlin Bayesians meetup is happening again in-person. Juan Orduz is going to present Buy ‘Til You Die models implemented in PyMC:

In this talk, we introduce a certain type of customer lifetime models for the non-contractual setting commonly known as BTYD (Buy Till You Die) models. We focus on two sub-model components: the frequency BG/NBD model and the monetary gamma-gamma model. We begin by introducing the model assumptions and parameterizations. Then we walk through the maximum-likelihood parameter estimation and describe how the models are used in practice. Next, we describe some limitations and how the Bayesian framework can help us to overcome some of them, plus allowing more flexibility. Finally, we describe some ongoing efforts in the open source community to bring these new ideas and models to the public.

Buy ‘Til You Die models for the estimation of customer lifetime value were one of the first applications I worked on in my data science career, I’m glad to see they’re still around and kicking. Now implemented in the shiny new version of PyMC!

Edit: The event was rescheduled to September 27.